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Helen Sorrowcolt wife of Gilbert Sorrowcolt c James Greenhough and Edward Scholes for calling her a whore. James had watched the street door and Scholes the back door and saw one Robinson come out of the house at 9pm – libel, sentence.


Helen claimed that James and Edward had accused her of adultery. She said that they had watched outside her door and claimed to have seen James Robinson leave her house about 8 or 9 o’clock at night; as a result of these allegations Helen’s husband was refusing to live with her. Outcome: plaintiff won against James Greenhalgh but Edward Scholes is not mentioned in the judgement.



Type of Cause:

Cause Papers:

Libel; Sentence


Buckley, Francis; witness
Greenhalgh, Henry; witness
Greenhalgh, James; defendant
Greenhalgh, Robert; witness
Haughton, John; witness
Hilton, Peter; witness
Legh, Richard; witness to the sentence
Orton, William; witness to the sentence
Redishe, Thomas; witness
Robinson, James; named in libel
Scholes, Edward; defendant
Sorocold, Gilbert; husband of plaintiff
Sorocold, Helen; plaintiff
White, Robert; witness to the sentence


Downham, William; bishop
Gillam, Hugh; witness to the sentence
Leche, Robert; commissary general


Defamation (effect of) Defamatory words Illness Jerkins Neighbours Tailors Women as litigants


Man, William; for plaintiff
Parkinson, Robert; for defendant
Prichard, John; for defendant



Related Causes

See also EDC 5/1569/21 for two letters relating to this cause.

Depositions in this cause survive at EDC 2/8 ff. 183v-184v; 191-192v. (See Notes below for transcript.)


Link to transcript of folios from EDC 2/8 – a Word file