Officials: Hanson, John


Archdeacon of Richmond and official principal of the Chester consistory court 1555-1556 during a sede vacante period.


Deputy to George Wilmesley from 1554; later official principal of the Chester consistory court as commissary of the archbishop of York during the sede vacante period following the death of George Cotes late in 1555 and the appointment of Cuthbert Scott the following year.

Qualifications: Master of Arts (Oxford) by 1556

CCEd person ID 36769

Career: fellow of Magdalen, Oxford, from 1538 to 1547; held a number of ecclesiastical offices, including archdeacon of Richmond from 1554 to 1559 (deprived); vicar of Bowdon, Cheshire, from 1556 to 1561 (deprived); vicar of Rochdale, Lancashire, from 1557 to 1561.

Further notes: fled overseas shortly after the accession of Elizabeth I and died in exile.


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