Officials: Knight, William


Nominally in charge of the Chester Consistory Court during his period in office as archdeacon of Chester, he delegated oversight of the court to official principals including Adam Beconsall.

WILLIAM KNIGHT, 1475/6 – 1547

Archdeacon of Chester 1522 to 1541, nominally in charge of the Chester Consistory Court

Qualifications: bachelor of canon law by 1504; doctor of canon law by 1506 (Oxford)

CCEd person ID 147690

Career: his biography can be found online in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: during a long and distinguished career he held a number of ecclesiastical offices, including archdeacon of Chester from 1522 to 1541 and bishop of Bath and Wells from 1541 to 1547. He was secretary to both Henry VII and Henry VIII and as such was sent abroad on a number of diplomatic missions.

Further notes: ‘ one of the best rewarded clerical careerists of his age’. (DNB)


 Dictionary of National Biography