Types of Cause: Tithes – barley

Tithes of barley were great or predial tithes as they arose from crop husbandry and so were payable to the rector or his farmer (see ‘Tithes – modus’ under ‘Subjects’).

Barley, oats and hay

EDC 5/1566/3 – William Farington, esquire, farmer of the rectory of Blackburn contra Thomas Ireland, senior.
EDC 5/1566/6 – John Leigh, esquire, farmer of the hamlets of Sutton and Wincle contra William Sutton and Ralph Gardner.

Barley and hay

EDC 5/1566/8 – Edward, earl of Derby, farmer of the tithes of the hamlet of Much Hoole contra Thomas Hunt.

Barley and rye

EDC 5/3/1 – Sir Richard Brereton contra Thomas Valentine