Officials: Bucksey, Nicholas


Occasionally presided over Chester Consistory Court as commissary


Commissary of George Wilmesley who was official principal of the Chester Consistory Court, occasionally presiding over the court as deputy even following Wilmesley’s removal from office in 1556

Qualifications: Canon Burne gives Bucksey the qualification of M.A. but I have not been able to find any details of an academic career.

Career: Benedictine monk of St Werburgh’s Abbey in Chester; prior of St Werburgh’s until its surrender in January 1540; appointed to the second prebend in the foundation charter of the new cathedral August 1541; treasurer of the cathedral

Further notes: Retained his position in the diocese through the religious changes of the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary and Elizabeth I. He continued to preside over the consistory court occasionally until at least March 1561(CALS EDC 1/16, f. 59v) and the appointment of Robert Leche.


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