Officials: Pewson alias Morgell, John


Scribe and deputy registrar of the court.


Qualifications: Notary Public

By 1580 John Pewson alias Morgell, of the diocese of Coventry and Lichfield, was acting as deputy Registrar to Randle Cotgreave in the diocese of Chester. He was often deputed when depositions were to be taken away from Chester.

In 1606 a patent was granted by the bishop of Chester to John Morgyll as Registrar for his life and the life of his two sons. John Morgell or Morgan of Moston, near Chester, bought the Manor of Moston in about 1600 and died in 1636. In view of the dates, it seems likely that this John Morgell was the son of John Pewson alias Morgell who seems to have established a dynasty of Registrars of the diocese.

Signature from EDC 5/1580/10


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