Proctors: Man, William


Notary public and rural dean of Warrington and Wirral

WILLIAM MAN, d. 1585

Qualifications: probably of Christ Church, Oxford, 1551; Bachelor of Arts 26 January 1555, Master of Arts 20 October 1558. Proctor at Chester from late 1561. If this is the same man, he was at Christ Church at the same time as Robert Leche, Chancellor of the diocese of Chester.

CCEd person ID 32107

Career: possibly vicar of Rickmansworth in 1559; rural dean of Warrington from about 1573; rural dean of Wirral 1582.

Further notes: It seems likely that he was the man of that name who was summoned to appear before the Ecclesiastical Commissioners on 30 April 1565 accused of fornication and was ordered to carry out the humiliating penance of appearing in St Peter’s church in Chester on a Saturday with bare feet and legs and without a hat and with a paper pinned to his shirt saying ‘Fornicator apon Easter daie at night’ and to go from the church through the Corn Market and then to stand on a ‘scaffold’ in the market place and publicly declare his offence. From there he was to go into the cathedral and offer 12d for the poor. It was often possible in offences like this arising from visitation presentments to commute such humiliating public penance for a cash payment to a charitable cause but this was not offered to Man. He refused to carry out the penance and also arranged for his co-accused, Jane Ruttor, to be illicitly released from prison. He was committed to gaol in Chester Castle but unfortunately no further record survives to show how he gained his liberty. Two of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners who imposed this penalty were William Downham, bishop of Chester, and Robert Leche. (CALS EDA 12/2 ff. 97, 98, 99v.) Man probably subsequently married Jane Ruttor as a cause from 1575/1576 was brought by Jane Man, wife of William Man, Master of Arts; she died as his widow in 1592.

The signature of William Man from CALS EDC 1/10, f. 433


CALS EDA 12/2 ff. 97, 98, 98v.

‘Mab-Marygold’, in Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714, ed. Joseph Foster (Oxford, 1891), pp. 956-982. British History Online



ReferenceType of causeRoleOutcomeNotes
EDC 5/1566/1 Matrimonial - restitution of conjugal rightsProctor for plaintiff  Plaintiff wonThe defendant did not answer any citation or turn up in court
EDC 5/1566/8   Tithes - barley and hay   Proctor for plaintiff Plaintiff won
EDC 5/1566/9 Defamation - sexual slander      Proctor  for plaintiff   Not known
EDC 5/1566/10Defamation - sexual slander    Proctor for plaintiffPlaintiff won
EDC 5/1566/12Tithes - calves, cows, gardens, lambs, sheep, wool Proctor for plaintiffDefendant wonThis was an unusual loss for a plaintiff and for William Man
EDC 5/1566/14Tithes - unknown Proctor for plaintiff Plaintiff won
EDC 5/1566/15Tithes - hay   Proctor for plaintiff Plaintiff won
EDC 5/1575/3 Tithes - grain   Proctor for defendantNot known
EDC 5/1575/15Tithes - hay   Proctor for plaintiff Plaintiff won
EDC 5/1580/2Matrimonial - separation from bed and board: adulteryProctor for plaintiff Plaintiff won