Subjects: Agricultural and other produce and its value

It may be that the value of produce as claimed in tithe causes is over-stated to increase the value of the claim, and often values were not precisely given.

Some definitions may also be useful:

Acre – the Cheshire acre was 10,240 square yards, as opposed to a statute acre of 4,840 square yards. The Cheshire acre was also used in parts of south Lancashire.
Thrave – twenty four sheaves.

Robert Holland, A Glossary of Words Used in the County of Chester, (1885).


EDC 5/1580/6 – John Vawdrey and Richard Vawdrey contra Richard Webb, William Janeon the elder and William Janeon the younger; a piglet valued at between 6d and 12d.


EDC 5/1575/3 – John Vawdrey and Richard Vawdrey contra Ralph Calveley; a thrave of wheat valued between somewhere between 2s and 9s.