Types of Cause: Defamation – sexual slander

Suits for sexual slander became increasingly common in ecclesiastical courts during the sixteenth century, and Chester was no exception.


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Woman accused of sexual misconduct

EDC 5/1/7 – Agnes Rosbothom contra Robert Haryson
EDC 5/17/4 – Isabelle Holden contra Roger Rishton
EDC 5/1566/9 – Ellen [Helen] Smith contra Katherine Moseley
EDC 5/1566/10 – Ellen [Helen] Smith contra John Moseley [Mosteley], Katherine Moseley [Mosteley], Isabelle Croft and Margery Powell.
EDC 5/1575/1 – Jane Shepherd contra Francis Sefton and his wife, Margaret
EDC 5/1575/2 – Ellen Bamvile contra Rose Smith

Man accused of sexual misconduct

EDC 5/1575/4 – Urian Bowdon contra William Charlton and Ellen Lether