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Clerk; fellow of Manchester College; vicar of Eccles


Yes - graduate


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Career: As a boy, Thomas Williamson probably attended Sedbergh School and entered St. John’s College, Cambridge in 1567. As Master of Arts Williamson was appointed vicar of Eccles by Queen Elizabeth in 1576 and, together with Oliver Carter, was one of the first Fellows of Manchester College when it was re-founded by her in 1578, holding the position until his death in 1606. He also held the vicarage of Childwall for a few months in 1588/9.

Further notes:

He represented Manchester College at a metropolitan visitation in 1590, when it was found that none of the fellows wore a surplice, a practice associated with Puritanism, which was not accepted by the church authorities. He had already been ordered to wear a surplice during a previous metropolitan visitation of his parish of Eccles in 1578.

In 1584 he was appointed as one of the Bury moderators of the monthly preaching and educational Exercises held for clergy throughout the diocese. These were intended to win over those inclined to conservatism and to improve standards but are associated with Puritanism.


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EDC 5/1580/10 – commissioned to examine witnesses in Manchester

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