People: Dodd, Hugh (rector of Coddington)







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Clerk; rector of Coddington


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Career: according to the record of his institution at Coddington he was a Master of Arts, but no records of his university career have been traced; included in the list of clergy at Malpas in 1548; appointed rector of Coddington on 25 January 1559.

Further notes: He signed the Act of Three Articles as Rector of Coddington in 1563. Although the date he left the parish is not known, he was no longer rector there by 1592 in which year an episcopal visitation recorded that the ‘rood lofte standeth undefaced and full of idolatrie pictures’. These should have been removed by 1559, so their continued presence throughout Dodd’s period as rector suggests that he was not entirely in favour of the Elizabethan Settlement of Religion, despite having signed the articles in 1563.


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EDC 5/1566/12 – plaintiff

EDC 5/1566/14 – witness to the sentence. He was possibly in attendance at court because of his own tithe cause.

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